Environmental Sciences Proceedings | VOL. 3

Empowering Women on Bamboo Utilization and Conservation in the Lake Toba Catchment Area of the North Sumatra Province of Indonesia

Publication Date Nov 12, 2020


Indonesia is blessed with the wonderful and beautiful Lake Toba catchment area where diverse bamboo species grow and provide socio economic benefits to the Bataknese community indigenous to the region. The bamboo resource, however, hasn’t been sustainably managed due mainly to over-cutting while cultivation has been insignificant. This study aims to investigate the relevant interventions for achieving sustainable bamboo resource in this region. Data were derived from questionnaire surveys of 154 women and in-depth interviews with 65 respondents in Simalungun and Karo districts. In order to identify the cause of problem and strategies for sustainable management, a problem tree analysis was conducted. Findings of the study show that strengthening institutional framework, utilizing efficiently, enhancing initiatives on bamboo conservation and development, and promoting local stakeholders are identified as strategies for sustainable management. The basic notions are that achieving sustainable management is feasible only with stakeholders’ support, and local communities must be provided with decent incomes by efficient utilization. Furthermore, bamboo management must be supported by promoting gender equality and empower women related to their control over bamboo plantation and harvesting, market access and other decision-making opportunities on income and expenditure. The study recognizes that there is a strong relationship between decision making authority and women empowerment.

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Bamboo Conservation
Strategies For Sustainable Management
Problem Tree Analysis
Bamboo Management
Bamboo Plantation
Decent Incomes
Bamboo Utilization
Bamboo Resource
Promoting Gender Equality
Sustainable Management

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