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Emission Patterns of Malodorous Compounds and Greenhouse Gases from the Pile-type Composting of Cattle Manure

Publication Date Jan 1, 1999


The emission of malodorous compounds and greenhouse gases during the pile-type composting of cattle manure was determined. About 326kg mixture of raw manure-sawdust was piled in a box-type composting apparatus and composted without forced-aeration for 55 days, during which the pile was turned three times. Exhaust air from the apparatus was analyzed for malodorous compounds and greenhouse gases. Among the malodorous compounds, ammonia, methyl mercaptan and dimethyl sulfide were detected in the exhaust air. The significant emission of these three malodorous compounds were observed at the start and every turnings, and the emissions were rapidly reduced within several days. On the other hand, short emission of methane and nitrous oxide as greenhouse gases were observed at the start and every turnings, and moreover, characteristic gradual emissions were observed after 5 to 10 days from the start and the 1st turning. Thus emission pattern was quite different between malodorous compounds and greenhouse gases.

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