Environmental Microbiology

Emerging enzyme surface display systems for waste resource recovery

Publication Date Nov 21, 2022


The current century marks an inflection point for human progress, as the developed world increasingly comes to recognize that the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of resource extraction must be balanced with more sustainable modes of growth that are less reliant on non-renewable sources of energy and materials. This has opened a window of opportunity for cross-sector development of biotechnologies that harness the metabolic problem-solving power of microbial communities. In this context, recovery has emerged as an organizing principal to create value from industrial and municipal waste streams, and the search is on for new enzymes and platforms that can be used for waste resource recovery at scale. Enzyme surface display on cells or functionalized materials has emerged as a promising platform for waste valorization. Typically, surface display involves the use of substrate binding or catalytic domains of interest translationally fused with extracellular membrane proteins in a microbial chassis. Novel display systems with improved performance features include S-layer display with increased protein density, spore display with increased resistance to harsh conditions, and intracellular inclusions including DNA-free cells or nanoparticles with improved social licence for in situ applications. Combining these display systems with advances in bioprinting, electrospinning and high-throughput functional screening have potential to transform outmoded extractive paradigms into 'trans-metabolic" processes for remediation and waste r...


Increased Protein Density Waste Resource Recovery Advances In Bioprinting Non-renewable Sources Of Energy Extracellular Membrane Proteins High-throughput Functional Screening Display Systems Microbial Chassis Municipal Waste Streams Processes For Remediation

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