Global Conference on Business and Social Sciences Proceeding | VOL. 13

Elements of organizational justice as determinants of job satisfaction and internship rotation in the era of Happiness Management

Publication Date Jun 17, 2022


addition to providing a livelihood, this activity allows the individual to play a role in society, so it also plays a vital role in identity and self-esteem, since aspects such as rationality, happiness and the human will to serve other members of society are involved (Bastando, 2014). Given the above, it can be said that the subjective well-being implied by work is essential, but not the only one. The Human Development Index proposed by the United Nations Development Programme takes a comprehensive view of the material and immaterial capabilities that make up the well-being of individuals and, among them, are knowledge, healthy living and maintaining a decent life, which is why it is essential to ensure health, emotional ties with others and the satisfaction of basic needs, both physical and psychological (Aedo et al., 2020). When the individual performs a function in society, he or she manifests some degree of satisfaction that deserves to be analysed, which is why, in recent years, the importance attributed to employee satisfaction has increased considerably (Akram et al., 2021; Galvan-Vela et al., 2021). Being responsible for achieving business goals, employees are appreciated as the most valuable resource (Ali and Anwar, 2021; Stefurak et al., 2020). Moreover, the talent and enthusiasm of human resources enable the company to survive in dynamic and changing environments (Galvan-Vela et al., 2021), conditions that are present in most economic sectors today. Keywords: Organizational Justice, Work Satisfaction, Turnover ...


United Nations Development Programme Internship Rotation Emotional Ties Turnover Intention Well-being Of Individuals Organizational Justice Members Of Society Work Satisfaction Valuable Resource Era Of Management

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