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Effectiveness of Means of Restoring the Working Capacity of Employees of the Security and Defense Sector in the Conditions of Rehabilitation After Injury

Publication Date Jan 1, 2022


Aim: To determine the effectiveness of means of restoring the physical performance of employees of the security and defense sector in the conditions of rehabilitation after injury. Materials and Methods: Determining the effectiveness of means of restoring physical performance of employees included conducting a survey of representatives of various structural units of the National Police and the State Security Administration of Ukraine, who were injured while on duty and were rehabilitated (n=167). The questionnaire was developed by the authors and encompassed a number of questions related to the conditions, features of injuries, the use of means of restoring working capacity and their effectiveness. Results: The most common types of injuries suffered by employees while performing service duties were identified, such as: injuries of the upper and lower extremities – 60.5%; head injuries – 2.6%; torso, spine, internal organs – 16.9%. It was found that exercises of therapeutic physical culture, pharmacological agents, namely warming, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory drugs (73.8%) and therapeutic and wellness massage (48.3%) are highly effective. The average effectiveness showed the ultrasound therapy (48.6%), hydrotherapy (42.3%). Approximately the same number of employees surveyed share the effectiveness of psychological recovery means as high (34.23%), medium (35.1%) and low (30.7%). Conclusions: The effectiveness of restoring the physical performance of law enforcement personnel through the use of exercises of therapeutic p...


Psychological Means Defense Sector Internal Organs Head Injuries Lower Extremities Security Sector Performance Of Personnel Pharmacological Agents Anti-inflammatory Drugs Upper Extremities

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