Educational Robotics

Publication Date May 20, 2022


In recent years we are witnessing an increasing diffusion of new technologies in school contexts, an aspect that implies changes in educational paradigms. The introduction of social agents such as robots in schools represents a significant opportunity both to innovate teaching and to respond to the needs introduced by the digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The use of social robots, which can be of diverse nature and form, is generally aimed at teaching curricular subjects (from STEM to humanities) or the principles of robotics. From an initial application in the field of special education, robots have begun to present themselves as valuable learning agents, capable of supporting high levels of student engagement, stimulating problem solving, teamworking, and communication skills, as well as supporting curricular learning.

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Use Of Social Robots
Field Of Special Education
Diffusion Of New Technologies
Educational Robotics
Educational Paradigms
Digital Transformation
Initial Application
School Contexts
High Levels Of Engagement
Communication Skills

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