ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems | VOL. 6

Edge Computing for Cyber-physical Systems: A Systematic Mapping Study Emphasizing Trustworthiness

Publication Date Jul 31, 2022


Edge computing is projected to have profound implications in the coming decades, proposed to provide solutions for applications such as augmented reality, predictive functionalities, and collaborative Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). For such applications, edge computing addresses the new computational needs, as well as privacy, availability, and real-time constraints, by providing local high-performance computing capabilities to deal with the limitations and constraints of cloud and embedded systems. Edge computing is today driven by strong market forces stemming from IT/cloud, telecom, and networking—with corresponding multiple interpretations of “edge computing” (e.g., device edge, network edge, distributed cloud). Considering the strong drivers for edge computing and the relative novelty of the field, it becomes important to understand the specific requirements and characteristics of edge-based CPS, and to ensure that research is guided adequately, e.g., avoiding specific gaps. Our interests lie in the applications of edge computing as part of CPS, where several properties (or attributes) of trustworthiness, including safety, security, and predictability/availability, are of particular concern, each facing challenges for the introduction of edge-based CPS. We present the results of a systematic mapping study, a kind of systematic literature survey, investigating the use of edge computing for CPS with a special emphasis on trustworthiness. The main contributions of this study are a detailed description of the curre...


Collaborative Cyber-Physical Systems Edge Computing Attributes Of Trustworthiness Industrial Efforts Intelligent Transportation Real-time Constraints Augmented Reality Network Edge Research Gaps Identification Of Trends

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