Applied Sciences | VOL. 12

DNA Computing: Concepts for Medical Applications

Publication Date Jul 8, 2022


The branch of informatics that deals with construction and operation of computers built of DNA, is one of the research directions which investigates issues related to the use of DNA as hardware and software. This concept assumes the use of DNA computers due to their biological origin mainly for intelligent, personalized and targeted diagnostics frequently related to therapy. Important elements of this concept are (1) the retrieval of unique DNA sequences using machine learning methods and, based on the results of this process, (2) the construction/design of smart diagnostic biochip projects. The authors of this paper propose a new concept of designing diagnostic biochips, the key elements of which are machine-learning methods and the concept of biomolecular queue automata. This approach enables the scheduling of computational tasks at the molecular level by sequential events of cutting and ligating DNA molecules. We also summarize current challenges and perspectives of biomolecular computer application and machine-learning approaches using DNA sequence data mining.


Diagnostic Biochip Machine Learning Methods Biological Origin Machine-learning Approaches Retrieval Of Sequences DNA Computers Biomolecular Approaches Molecular Level Smart Projects DNA Sequence

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