Disproportional Influence and Vulnerability Infringement in Human Trafficking

Publication Date May 20, 2022


Human trafficking occurs within the context of widespread objectification and commodification of persons as “products” in economies in which they have little power and sometimes few options for self-determination and self-sufficiency. In both labor and sex trafficking, there is a power imbalance where the trafficker possesses the economic power to treat the trafficked as a commodity and also takes control of all the profits. In the transaction, it is obvious that there is no element of consent, voluntariness, pleasure, or personal desire of the victim. This explains why trafficking in human beings is a ruthless, cynical, and multi-layered form of exploitation where traffickers profits by victimization and make turnover from the adversities, distress, and vulnerability of the trafficked persons. This unscrupulous business practice is such an intricate problem embedded majorly in poverty, marginalization, and ideas of subordination. Human trafficking has legitimized a brand-new element into capitalism which has supplemented slavery, status inequality, and disrespect to human dignity.

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Element Of Consent
Human Trafficking
Sex Trafficking
Status Inequality
Power Imbalance
Element Of Desire
Labor Trafficking
Unscrupulous Business
Multi-layered Form
Personal Desire

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