International Journal of Molecular Sciences | VOL. 23

Discovery and Biotechnological Exploitation of Glycoside-Phosphorylases

Publication Date Mar 11, 2022


Among carbohydrate active enzymes, glycoside phosphorylases (GPs) are valuable catalysts for white biotechnologies, due to their exquisite capacity to efficiently re-modulate oligo- and poly-saccharides, without the need for costly activated sugars as substrates. The reversibility of the phosphorolysis reaction, indeed, makes them attractive tools for glycodiversification. However, discovery of new GP functions is hindered by the difficulty in identifying them in sequence databases, and, rather, relies on extensive and tedious biochemical characterization studies. Nevertheless, recent advances in automated tools have led to major improvements in GP mining, activity predictions, and functional screening. Implementation of GPs into innovative in vitro and in cellulo bioproduction strategies has also made substantial advances. Herein, we propose to discuss the latest developments in the strategies employed to efficiently discover GPs and make the best use of their exceptional catalytic properties for glycoside bioproduction.

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Glycoside Phosphorylases
Carbohydrate Active Enzymes
Functional Screening
Sequence Databases
Recent Advances
Exceptional Properties
Extensive Characterization
Biochemical Studies
Extensive Studies
Phosphorolysis Reaction

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