Frontiers in Veterinary Science | VOL. 9

Differential proteomic of plasma provides a new perspective on scientific diagnosis and drug screening for dampness heat diarrhea in calves

Publication Date Sep 20, 2022


Dampness heat diarrhea (DHD) is one of the most common syndromes of calf diarrhea. Its complex etiology and lack of objective diagnostic criteria bring great challenges to the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. This study aims to screen some prospective diagnostic biomarkers or therapeutic targets for calves with DHD by investigating the differential protein profiles of plasma between DHD calves and clinically healthy calves by mass spectrometry-based proteomic. A total of 120 DHD calves and 90 clinically healthy calves were divided into two groups randomly, 30 DHD calves and 30 clinically healthy calves in the test group, and 90 DHD calves and 60 clinically healthy calves in the validation group. In the test group, a total of 52 proteins were differentially expressed between calves with DHD and clinically healthy calves, 13 proteins were significantly increased and 39 proteins were significantly decreased. The differentially expressed proteins were associated with the intestinal immune network of IgA production, caffeine metabolism, purine metabolism, and PI3K signaling pathway. In the validation group, 13 proteins were selected from 52 differential expression proteins for parallel reaction monitoring validation to verify their associations with DHD calves. The targeted proteomic results showed that fibronectin precursor (FN1) and apolipoprotein C-IV precursor (APOC4) were significantly associated with DHD in calves, and they were downregulated in sick calves. In conclusion, the differential expression of plasma prote...


PI3K Signaling Pathway Caffeine Metabolism Purine Metabolism Pathway Validation Group Purine Metabolism Calf Diarrhea Network Of Production Metabolism Signaling Pathway Sick Calves Test Group

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