International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control | VOL. 93

Development of tailor-made oxygen carriers and reactors for chemical looping processes at Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Publication Date Feb 1, 2020


Abstract For the concerns of global warming, there is an urgent need of green, low-cost, and sustainable ways for the conversion and utilization of fossil energy. Holding the merit of inherent CO2 separation during carbonaceous fuel conversion, chemical looping technique is emerging as a perfect alternative to conventional fossil fuel conversion processes. Central to this technique is the design of high-performance oxygen carriers and suitable reactors that can efficiently realize the cyclic redox loop involved. To date, plenty kinds of (over 1200) oxygen carriers have been screened, synthesized and investigated by different research groups worldwide. Dozens of chemical looping reactors with thermal power ranged from kWth to MWth were also constructed and successfully operated. All these help to support the commercial demonstration and even industrial application of this innovative fuel conversion and carbon capture technique. The chemical looping related research at Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST) has experienced rapid development during the past 10 years, from rational synthesis of oxygen carrier to inter-connected fluidized bed reactor design and operation. In this article, the development of tailor-made oxygen carriers and active design of reactors at HUST is comprehensively reviewed and appraised, including the screening and optimization of oxygen carriers, reduction kinetics of oxygen carriers with gaseous fuels, microcosmic level understanding of the reaction mechanism in chemical looping via densit...

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Oxygen Carriers
Chemical Looping
Chemical Looping Processes
Huazhong University
Commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics
Density Functional Theory

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