Revista Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad de Antioquia

Development of a management model of support services in biotechnology companies

Publication Date Feb 23, 2022


Support services are very significant for the correct performance of key processes; in the case of the biotechnology industry, this type of services is not frequently analyzed in their excellence performance. The purpose of this work is to suggest a model for the development of Support Services Management, which highlights the impacts over the level of customer satisfaction with the logistics system of biotechnology companies in the specific conditions of Cuba; however it can be applied to other contexts. For this, the basic elements of the management and service models are clarified as a theoretical basis for this research. As a methodology, experimentation and case studies are chosen, including the development of a production support service in the biotechnology industry. The level of customer satisfaction and the costs incurred are determined; In addition, the influence of the level of integration of support services on the results of the model is taken into account. The document provides the results of the model and its application in the biotechnology industry in Cuba, through a procedure designed for its implementation. This research satisfies the identified need to improve internal customer satisfaction based on quality and timely delivery of resources. At the same time, the costs of the logistics system are reduced or maintained, because the main cost must be in the key services.

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Level Of Customer Satisfaction
Development Of Support Service
Biotechnology Industry
Support Services
Main Cost
Level Of Satisfaction
Type Of Services
Key Services
Development Of Management
Logistics System

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