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Developing Lines of Queensland Fruit Flies with Different Levels of Response to a Kairomone Lure

Publication Date Jul 22, 2022


The Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly), Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt) is a serious horticultural pest in Australia because it is highly invasive and destructive. Among all pest management practices, sterile insect techniques (SIT) and male annihilation techniques (MAT) are important control options for many tephritid fruit fly pests, including Q-fly. However, simultaneous applications of MAT and SIT require the wild males to be responsive to a lure while the released sterile males remain largely unresponsive. In this study, a series of artificial selection experiments was conducted to develop lines of Q-fly with different levels of response to the male-specific lure Cue-lure® (CL). After only five cycles of artificial selections, lines of high responsiveness (HR) and low responsiveness (LR) males diverging significantly in their response to the lure were developed. In the field cage experiment, the number of trapped males in fruit fly traps was significantly lower in the LR line than both the HR line and the control which supports the laboratory results. However, when artificial selection was stopped at F5 and retested after two generations, the number of unresponsive males dropped drastically compared to the rate of response of wild flies. Because the selection can be conducted only on males, it would be difficult to eliminate the dominant responsive alleles in the system without continuous selection.


Male Annihilation Techniques Bactrocera Tryoni Pest In Australia Field Cage Experiment Sterile Insect Techniques Fruit Fly Pest Management Practices Continuous Selection Artificial Selection Low Responsiveness

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