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Detailed mapping and paleostress analysis of active faults in the northern Vettore–Bove fault zone, Sibillini Mountains, Italy

Publication Date Jun 21, 2022


ABSTRACT The Sibillini Mountains, which make up the southern part of the Umbria-Marche Apennines, were struck by a series of earthquakes in 2016, including five with magnitudes greater than 5. The largest event, Mw 6.5, occurred on 30 October 2016. A Mw 5.9 earthquake on 26 October ruptured several faults in the northern third of the Vettore–Bove fault system, and the Mw 6.5 event produced surface ruptures along the entire 30-km length. Ground surveys conducted shortly after these earthquakes showed that many, but not all, of the surface ruptures corresponded to previously mapped faults. Also, some faults that had been mapped as Quaternary did not produce surface ruptures during the earthquakes. In this study, we present the results of detailed field mapping that was conducted prior to the 2016 earthquakes and provide evidence that all of the surface ruptures in the northern part of the Vettore–Bove fault system occurred along preexisting faults. Paleostress analysis shows that the reactivated faults had been active prior to 2016 in stress fields with similar orientations to the modern-day stress field. In addition, we show that one fault segment, which is the southern continuation of a major fault that slipped during the 2016 earthquakes, was not reactivated because it was unfavorably oriented.


Detailed Mapping Surface Ruptures Sibillini Mountains Series Of Earthquakes Paleostress Analysis Northern Third Mapping Of Active Faults Preexisting Faults Fault Segment Largest Event

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