Human Reproduction Update

Defensins: defenders of human reproductive health

Publication Date Sep 20, 2022


Abstract BACKGROUND Reproductive tract infection is an important factor leading to male and female infertility. Among female infertility factors, microbial and viral infections are the main factors affecting female reproductive health and causing tubal infertility, ectopic tubal pregnancy and premature delivery. Among male infertility factors, 13–15% of male infertility is related to infection. Defensins are cationic antibacterial and antiviral peptides, classified into α-defensins, β-defensins and θ-defensins. Humans only have α-defensins and β-defensins. Apart from their direct antimicrobial functions, defensins have an immunomodulatory function and are involved in many physiological processes. Studies have shown that defensins are widely distributed in the female reproductive tract (FRT) and male reproductive tract (MRT), playing a dual role of host defence and fertility protection. However, to our knowledge, the distribution, regulation and function of defensins in the reproductive tract and their relation to reproduction have not been reviewed. OBJECTIVE AND RATIONALE This review summarizes the expression, distribution and regulation of defensins in the reproductive tracts to reveal the updated research on the dual role of defensins in host defence and the protection of fertility. SEARCH METHODS A systematic search was conducted in Pub...


Expression Of Defensins Role In Sperm Maturation Reproductive Tract Male Infertility Risk Of Spontaneous Preterm Birth Male Reproductive Tract Female Reproductive Tract GEO Database Microbial Invasion Function Of Defensins

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