To design and evaluate a deep learning model based on ultra-widefield images (UWFIs) that can detect several common fundus diseases. Based on 4574 UWFIs, a deep learning model was trained and validated that can identify normal fundus and eight common fundus diseases, namely referable diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, pathologic myopia, retinal detachment, retinitis pigmentosa, age-related macular degeneration, vitreous opacity, and optic neuropathy. The model was tested on three test sets with data volumes of 465, 979, and 525. The performance of the three deep learning networks, EfficientNet-B7, DenseNet, and ResNet-101, was evaluated on the internal test set. Additionally, we compared the performance of the deep learning model with that of doctors in a tertiary referral hospital. Compared to the other two deep learning models, EfficientNet-B7 achieved the best performance. The area under the receiver operating characteristic curves of the EfficientNet-B7 model on the internal test set, external test setA and external test setB were 0.9708 (0.8772, 0.9849) to 1.0000 (1.0000, 1.0000), 0.9683 (0.8829, 0.9770) to 1.0000 (0.9975, 1.0000), and 0.8919 (0.7150, 0.9055) to 0.9977 (0.9165, 1.0000), respectively. On a dataset of 100 images, the total accuracy of the deep learning model was 93.00%, the average accuracy of three ophthalmologists who had been working for 2years and three ophthalmologists who had been working in fundus imaging for more than 5years was 88.00% and 94.00%, respectively. High performance was achieved on all three test sets using our UWFI multidisease classification model with a small sample size and fast model inference. The performance of the artificial intelligence model was comparable to that of a physician with 2-5years of experience in fundus diseases at a tertiary referral hospital. The model is expected to be used as an effective aid for fundus disease screening.

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