The aim of this study is to measure the effects and relationships of cyclical fatigue in scientific studies with bibliometric analysis methods in the field of endodontics, and to identify the main trends supported by visualization.Studies on "cyclic fatigue" in the field of endodontics were searched in Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus academic databases on 30 August 2022, including publications for 2022. The Pandas Library, one of the Python libraries, was used to compile the data obtained from two different data sources, the Biblioshiny program was used in the analysis of the data, and the Tableau program was used to visualize the data.As a result of the first search on the WoS, 554 articles were reached. If the same search strategy in the PubMed database was searched, 452 articles were reached. By using PubMed ID numbers of the articles in the data set downloaded from the PubMed, 364 more articles were found by searching the WoS again. By combining both data sets, duplicates were extracted and 682 articles were obtained from the WoS database. As a result of the scans, a total of 905 articles were reached, including 682 articles in the WoS and 223 articles in Scopus. Since it is assumed that any article can be indexed in more than one data source, duplicate data control were performed in the combined data set, and it was determined that there were 171 duplicate data points deleted from the data set. As a result, 734 studies were obtained.It is seen that the effort of endodontists to develop new formations and designs of NiTi rotary files in order to facilitate the cleaning and shaping of root canals during root canal treatment, and the number of articles on this subject continues to increase.

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