Science (New York, N.Y.) | VOL. 369

Cooperative carbon capture and steam regeneration with tetraamine-appended metal-organic frameworks.

Publication Date Feb 20, 2020


Natural gas has become the dominant source of electricity in the United States, and technologies capable of efficiently removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the flue emissions of natural gas-fired power plants could reduce their carbon intensity. However, given the low partial pressure of CO2 in the flue stream, separation of CO2 is particularly challenging. Taking inspiration from the crystal structures of diamine-appended metal-organic frameworks exhibiting two-step cooperative CO2 adsorption, we report a family of robust tetraamine-functionalized frameworks that retain cooperativity, leading to the potential for exceptional efficiency in capturing CO2 under the extreme conditions relevant to natural gas flue emissions. The ordered, multimetal coordination of the tetraamines imparts the materials with extraordinary stability to adsorption-desorption cycling with simulated humid flue gas and enables regeneration using low-temperature steam in lieu of costly pressure or temperature swings.

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Natural Gas-fired Power Plants
Steam Regeneration
Natural Gas
Low-temperature Steam
Low Partial Pressure

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