Analytica Chimica Acta | VOL. 1237

Comprehensive two-dimensional countercurrent chromatography × gas chromatography characterization of Artemisia argyi essential oil

Publication Date Jan 1, 2023


A comprehensive two-dimensional (2D) countercurrent chromatography (CCC)×gas chromatography (GC) was investigated for characterization of chemical constituents of Artemisia argyi essential oil, and orthogonality for the 2D chromatographic system was evaluated. A solvent system composed of n-hexane/acetonitrile/methanol (2:2:1, v/v/v) was selected for first dimensional separation of Artemisia argyi essential oil. Then all CCC fractions were analyzed by GC, which provided a wealth of information regarding the composition of the essential oil. Visualization of chemical compositions obtained from the comprehensive 2D CCC×GC separation was achieved by creation of a 2D contour plot map. Total peak capacity was evaluated and approximately 1392 peaks were obtained through a comprehensive 2D CCC×GC separation. A high spatial coverage and a low linear correlation coefficient were achieved. Meanwhile, all compounds were identified by GC-MS. The obtained 2D contour plot could be divided into six zones to show the characteristic chemical compositions. Six zones could be divided into different component groups, including monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, monoterpene alcohols, phenols, aldehydes, ketones and esters, which could be used to identify compounds that have not been reported, and to predict the structure of unknown compounds in Artemisia argyi essential oil and comprehensively characterize fingerprint peak.


Gas Chromatography Separation Countercurrent Chromatography Two-dimensional Countercurrent Chromatography Total Peak Capacity Countercurrent Chromatography Fractions Comprehensive Two-dimensional Chromatography Monoterpene Alcohols Gas Chromatography Two-dimensional Chromatography Low Linear Coefficient

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