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Comparison of the Effects of Systemic Cryotherapy and Kinesiotaping on the Trunk Muscles of Men Practising Targeted Physical Training

Publication Date Jan 1, 2022


Aim: was to compare the effects of systemic cryotherapy and kinesiotaping on the flexibility and strength of trunk muscle of men practising, due to their job, targeted and specialized physical training. They were members of special groups: Government Protection Bureau, Anti-Terrorist Organization Bureau and Grom group. Materials and Methods: The study group consisted of 30 men [age 27-55 (AVG 40 +/- 7)]. Motor fitness assessment recognized in the Health-related fitness system: flexibility – measured by the depth of the trunk forward bend from a straight sit. A positive result was defined as a value measured in centimeters below the toes, and a negative result, when the subject did not reach the toes, the better result from two attempts was accepted for analysis. Dynamic strength of the abdominal muscles – this feature was determined by the number of scull sit-ups performed from the supine position within 30 seconds Taping of the rectus abdominis muscle was performed using the supine position muscle method. Base - above the pubic symphysis (above the hairline), abdominal tension through inhalation, tail to the cartilage of the fifth rib, parasternal. On the other side , the same way of application, then the test was performed. Taping of the dorsal extensor muscle, using the muscle method – standing position, base - on the sacrum, bending the torso forward, tape tails along the spine, then the test was performed. After a week’s break, each subject received a series of 10 treatments at -130°C, each treatment lasted2 minutes. Tr...


Significant Differences In Flexibility Strength Of Abdominal Muscles Use Of Kinesiotaping Effects Of Cryotherapy Strength Of Muscles Abdominal Tension Pubic Symphysis Significant Differences In Strength Cryogenic Temperature Supine Position

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