A benchmark study of state-interaction and spinor-representation calculations of spin-orbit coupling using the exact two-component Hamiltonians with atomic mean-field integrals (the X2CAMF schemes) at the equation-of-motion coupled-cluster singles and doubles level is reported. We adopt a version of the X2CAMF scheme with spin-orbit integrals correct to first order for the state-interaction calculations and a version correct to infinite order for the spinor-representation calculations. The differences between the state-interaction calculations with minimum active spaces to account for (quasi-)degeneracy and the spinor-representation calculations thus correspond to higher-order spin-orbit contributions. This state-interaction approach with scalar-relativistic effects accurately included in the reference functions and in the spin-orbit integrals is shown to exhibit robust performance for elements across the periodic table. On the other hand, the more rigorous spinor representation shows more rapid convergence with respect to the number of correlated electrons and is the preferred choice for accurate calculations for heavy elements.

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