Bioinformatics (Oxford, England)

CoDNaS-RNA: a database of Conformational Diversity in the Native State of RNA.

Publication Date Dec 25, 2021


Conformational changes in RNA native ensembles are central to fulfill many of their biological roles. Systematic knowledge of the extent and possible modulators of this conformational diversity is desirable to better understand the relationship between RNA dynamics and function. We have developed CoDNaS-RNA as the first database of conformational diversity in RNA molecules. Known RNA structures are retrieved and clustered to identify alternative conformers of each molecule. Pairwise structural comparisons between all conformers within each cluster allows to measure the variability of the molecule. Additional annotations about structural features, molecular interactions and biological function are provided. All data in CoDNaS-RNA is free to download and available as a public website that can be of interest for researchers in computational biology and other life science disciplines. CoDNaS-RNA and the latest version of its data are available at or Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.


Researchers In Computational Biology Conformational Changes In RNA Life Science Disciplines Additional Annotations Conformational Diversity RNA Dynamics Public Website RNA Structures Computational Biology Supplementary Data

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