Abstract Coal, a nonrenewable fossil fuel, which has been used since ancient times, is one of the major sources of energy at present as well. Coal use is associated with several operational and environmental problems. Most of the high-grade coals have already been extracted, so coal left for future use is more of low grade with high moisture and ash content. Environmental issues related to coal combustion are multifaceted and are threatening the sustainability of coal use, mostly in power generation and gasification. There are quite efficient technologies that do exist for controlling pollutants such as oxides of nitrogen and sulfur, trace elements, and fine particulate matter. However, one of the serious problems facing the future of coal is emission of carbon dioxide—a greenhouse gas leading to climate change. Coal is still going to be a major player in the global energy spectrum over next 30–40 years and, in particular, for the countries such as India and China. However, the sustainable future of coal depends on mitigating these pollutants and GHG emissions. This chapter reviews the advanced characterization of coal so as to link the coal properties to operational problems such as unburned carbon and ash-related issues. The beneficiation of coal, both physical and chemical, has been included to improve the coal quality in order to reduce these emissions. The environmental issues related to emissions of NOx, SOx, trace elements and fine particulate matter, and postcombustion technologies to reduce these emissions have been...

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Advanced Combustion Technologies
Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
Global Energy Spectrum
GHG Emissions
Chemical Looping Combustion
Ash-related Issues
Beneficiation Of Coal
Ultrasupercritical Boilers
Carbon Capture Technologies
Reduce GHG Emissions

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Climate change Research Articles published between Aug 08, 2022 to Aug 14, 2022

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Introduction: There is no consensus on the policies that should be seen as implicitly pricing carbon (see World Bank (2019a) for a discussion). The OE...

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Gender Equality Research Articles published between Aug 08, 2022 to Aug 14, 2022

R DiscoveryAug 15, 2022
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I would like to thank Anna Khakee, Federica Zardo and Ragnar Weilandt for their very useful comments as well as the participants of the workshop of 21...

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