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CO2 Sequestration in Shale with Enhanced Gas Recovery

Publication Date Oct 11, 2019


Shale is an important geological media for carbon capture utilization and storage. On one hand it can be regarded as impermeable caprock to prevent CO2 migration from reservoir, and on the other hand it can also treated as both natural gas and CO2 storage reservoir. CO2-shale reactions within caprock can interfere with the integrity of the rock integrity and compromise the long-term carbon storage safety and stability; however this interaction can also improve the conductivity of the rock to enhance the shale gas recovery from the organic-rich shale. This chapter presents a review of the current state of knowledge regarding CO2 and shale interactions and their potential impacts on shale properties and groundwater quality in the context of CO2 enhanced shale gas recovery. The characterization of shale and CO2 which is critical to the understanding of various interactions between CO2 and shale is first summarized. The major interaction mechanisms between CO2 and shale including CO2-shale-water geochemical reactions, CO2 adsorption induced clay swelling and organic matter extraction with supercritical CO2 and their impact on rock porosity and permeability, and mechanical properties, gas adsorption capacity and groundwater quality are surveyed. Finally, the open questions in this field are emphasized and new research needs are highlighted.

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CO2 Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery
Enhanced Gas Recovery
Shale Gas Recovery
Carbon Capture Utilization
Organic Matter Extraction
CO2 Storage Reservoir
Groundwater Quality
Gas Adsorption Capacity

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