Revista de neurologia | VOL. 74

[Cadmium polyneuropathy: a rare, but not less important, cause of peripheral neuropathy].

Publication Date Jun 16, 2022


Cadmium is an important heavy metal in neurobiology, with potential neurotoxic effects, often in the form of polyneuropathy (PNP). Case repport. We present an exceptional case of PNP due to cadmium of toxic-occupational origin, specifically a 47-year-old man, aeronautical mechanic, with a 5-year clinical picture, consisting of a tingling sensation having a 'glove and stocking' distribution of symptoms and bimanual manipulative clumsiness. The neurological examination revealed bilateral achilles hyporeflexia and protopathic-thermal-algesic exteroceptive hypoesthesia in hands and feet. The following complementary rests were requested: toxic-metabolic-infectious-vitamin profile, full craniospinal MRI, electroneurographic-electromyographic study (ENG-EMG) of the upper and lower limbs, PET-CT body and 24-hour video-electroencephalogram. The results were consistent with an axonal, distal, symmetric sensory-motor PNP, of moderate intensity, chronic evolution, with active denervation, of toxic-occupational origin due to cadmium. The patient continued on sick leave to cease exposure to cadmium, initiating intensive multimodal neurorehabilitation program, with serial analytical determinations of toxins and new ENG-EMG studies every 6 months. With normalization of the altered values ??and complete clinical restitution at one-year follow-up. This case highlights the importance of including the toxicological determination of cadmium in case of suspicion of a PNP of toxic-occupational origin, once ruled out other etiologies, in order to e...

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Cause Of Peripheral Neuropathy
Symmetric Sensory-motor Polyneuropathy
Form Of Polyneuropathy
Potential Neurotoxic Effects
Active Denervation
Chronic Evolution
Reversible Cause
Refractory Cases
One-year Follow-up

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