Issues of Legal Regulation in Veterinary Medicine

Blood supply of the heart myocardium of the Edilbaev sheep breed

Publication Date Apr 19, 2022


Pathologies of the cardiovascular system are a serious disease in diseases of small ruminants. The study of the anatomical and topographic coverage of the blood supply to the heart in various species and breeds allows expanding the field of knowledge in humane and veterinary cardiac surgery. The purpose of our study is to establish the features of anatomical and topographic disorders of the course and branching of the coronary vessels of the heart of sheep of the еdilbaevskaya breed, as well as to give them a morphometric characteristic.Sheep of the еdilbaevskaya breed at the age of twelve months, obtained during slaughter from the farm "Slaughterhouse" of the Leningrad Region of the Russian Federation and delivered to the Department of Animal Anatomy of the SPbGUVM, were used as cadaver material. As a technique for studying vasoradiography and manufacturing corrosion preparations using non-shrinking plastics of bulk acrylic series. According to the results of the study, it was found that the sheep of the еdilbaev breed have a left-coronal type of blood supply to the heart. Diseases of the heart and branches of the left and right coronary arteries of the heart were determined, and their morphometric characteristics were given.


Diseases Of Small Ruminants Cadaver Material Morphometric Characteristics Coverage Of Supply Blood Supply Course Of Vessels Diseases Of Ruminants Anatomical Coverage Branching Of Vessels Anatomical Disorders

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