World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology | VOL. 38

Biological production of xylitol by using nonconventional microbial strains

Publication Date Oct 28, 2022


Xylitol (C5H12O5), an amorphous sugar alcohol of crystalline texture has received great interest on the global market due to its numerous applications in different industries. In addition to its high anticariogenic and sweetening properties, characteristics such as high solubility, stability and low glycemic index confer xylitol its fame in the food and odontological industries. Moreover, it also serves as a building-block in the production of polymers. As a result of the harmful effects of the chemical production of xylitol, the biotechnological means of producing this polyol have evolved over the decades. In contrast to the high consumption of energy, long periods of purification, specialized equipment and high production cost encountered during its chemical synthesis, the biotechnological production of xylitol offers advantages both to the economy and the environment. Non-Saccharomyces yeast strains, also termed as nonconventional, possess the inherent capacity to utilize D-xylose as a sole carbon source, unlike Saccharomyces species.


Production Of Xylitol Non-Saccharomyces Yeast Strains Sweetening Properties Production Of Polymers Sole Carbon Source High Stability Index High Solubility High Glycemic Index Anticariogenic Properties Numerous Applications

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