International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy | VOL. 10


Publication Date Jan 23, 2020


The article proposes evaluating the costs of bioenergy supplies in Russia utilizing a method that is based on energy analysis. The main disincentivizing factor is not as much limited resources as the marginal cost of producing biofuels and the possibility of using cost-effective ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon capture and storage, alternative forms of renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy savings. In this situation, the possibility of progressive development of the global market for biofuels can only be achieved by fundamental changes in the industry, that are determined by the peculiarities of scientific progress. The author also identifies several technological, economic, financial and natural factors constraining large-scale advances in bioenergy. Comparing innovation policies of various countries of the world and paper notes of industrialized countries, we can see a high level of R&D investments in the field of biofuel technologies.

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Development Of Global Market
Energy Efficiency Savings
Fundamental Changes
Energy Analysis
Energy Savings
Renewable Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Costs Of Supplies
Changes In Industry
Efficiency Savings

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