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Bio-inspired approaches for explosives detection

Publication Date May 14, 2021


Abstract Due to unique abilities of the animals regarding analysis of complex gas substances, they still remain a gold standard in analysis of explosives. Unusual capabilities of biological chemosensory systems, including both vertebrates and invertebrates, stimulate elaboration of the devices mimicking their activity and operation parameters as precisely as possible. The electronic analogues are a subject of investigation in many research centres, which brings their successful commercialization closer. They are believed to substitute or to complement animals in the analysis of gas substances, including explosive and hazardous ones. The limitations of classic gas sensors can be overcome using the strategies inspired by the solutions known from biological systems. Apart from high selectivity and sensitivity desired for analysis of the explosives, mimicking biological systems allows overcoming other problems connected mainly with effective sampling and odour localization. Presented review is focused on the biomimetic devices, which mimic the sense of smell in a direct way and which are the inspiration to design the devices used for detection of the explosives. Potential of biosensors and bioelectronic noses (B-ENs) to mimic the incredibly accurate and versatile “biological noses” was evaluated. A summary of the strategies inspired by biological olfactory systems should facilitate the approach to the problem of artificial instruments design and to development of the strategy aimed at analysis of the explosives with these system...

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Biological Systems
Biological Olfactory Systems
Sense Of Smell
Bioelectronic Noses
Odour Localization
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