This chapter studies the nature, causes, effects, and proffers possible remedies for the menace of human trafficking in contemporary society from the perspective of the Bible. It reviews the situation with the experiences of Joseph in the Old Testament and the slave girl in the New Testament. Victims are lured with the quest for survival due to economic difficulties, get rich quick syndrome resulting from the misplaced value system, while others are forced. It is inhuman; a cause of pain, suffering, sorrow, grief, and death; robs man of every right and privilege; and demeans the value of humanity and reduces him to a mere commodity and possession of no value. Moreover, it shows a world in dire need of God's salvation and liberty. Thus, human trafficking in its contemporary time is a repeat of history in its most gruesome and cruel manner. To this end, lessons drawn from Joseph and the slave girl's encounters are put to bear as the way forward for modern and future paradigms of human trafficking.

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