Frontiers in Neurology | VOL. 13

Bedside interpretation of cerebral energy metabolism utilizing microdialysis in neurosurgical and general intensive care

Publication Date Aug 10, 2022


The microdialysis technique was initially developed for monitoring neurotransmitters in animals. In 1995 the technique was adopted to clinical use and bedside enzymatic analysis of glucose, pyruvate, lactate, glutamate and glycerol. Under clinical conditions microdialysis has also been used for studying cytokines, protein biomarkers, multiplex proteomic and metabolomic analyses as well as for pharmacokinetic studies and evaluation of blood-brain barrier function. This review focuses on the variables directly related to cerebral energy metabolism and the possibilities and limitations of microdialysis during routine neurosurgical and general intensive care. Our knowledge of cerebral energy metabolism is to a large extent based on animal experiments performed more than 40 years ago. However, the different biochemical information obtained from various techniques should be recognized. The basic animal studies analyzed brain tissue homogenates while the microdialysis technique reflects the variables in a narrow zone of interstitial fluid surrounding the probe. Besides the difference of the volume investigated, the levels of the biochemical variables differ in different compartments. During bedside microdialysis cerebral energy metabolism is primarily reflected in measured levels of glucose, lactate and pyruvate and the lactate to pyruvate (LP) ratio. The LP ratio reflects cytoplasmatic redox-state which increases instantaneously during insufficient aerobic energy metabolism. Cerebral ischemia is characterized by a marked increase ...


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