Acta Crystallographica Section D Structural Biology | VOL. 78

Application of sulfur SAD to small crystals with a large asymmetric unit and anomalous substructure

Publication Date Jul 14, 2022


The application of sulfur single-wavelength anomalous dispersion (S-SAD) to determine the crystal structures of macromolecules can be challenging if the asymmetric unit is large, the crystals are small, the size of the anomalously scattering sulfur structure is large and the resolution at which the anomalous signals can be accurately measured is modest. Here, as a study of such a case, approaches to the SAD phasing of orthorhombic Ric-8A crystals are described. The structure of Ric-8A was published with only a brief description of the phasing process [Zeng et al. (2019), Structure, 27, 1137–1141]. Here, alternative approaches to determining the 40-atom sulfur substructure of the 103 kDa Ric-8A dimer that composes the asymmetric unit are explored. At the data-collection wavelength of 1.77 Å measured at the Frontier micro-focusing Macromolecular Crystallography (FMX) beamline at National Synchrotron Light Source II, the sulfur anomalous signal strength, |Δano|/σΔano (d′′/sig), approaches 1.4 at 3.4 Å resolution. The highly redundant, 11 000 000-reflection data set measured from 18 crystals was segmented into isomorphous clusters using BLEND in the CCP4 program suite. Data sets within clusters or sets of clusters were scaled and merged using AIMLESS from CCP4 or, alternatively, the phenix.scale_and_merge tool from the Phenix suite. The latter proved to be the more effective in extracting anomalous signals. The HySS tool in Phenix, SHELXC/D and PRASA as implemented in the CRANK2 program suite were each employed to determine the ...


Anomalous Signals Anomalous Substructure Merge Tool Asymmetric Unit Sets Of Clusters Program Suite Data Set Macromolecular Crystallography Beamline High-flux Beamline Crystallography Beamline

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