Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae | VOL. 89

Analysis of the Transcriptome of Potentilla sericea Under Cadmium Stress Conditions

Publication Date Feb 12, 2021


Cadmium (Cd) stress significantly affects plant growth and development. <em>Potentilla sericea </em>is typically grown in gardens or as ground cover. In this study, the Cd response of <em>P. sericea </em>was analyzed based on physiological examinations and transcriptome analyses that uncovered the gene expression changes in <em>P. sericea </em>roots induced by a 7-day treatment with 90 µmol/L Cd<sup>2+</sup>. A total of 53,225 unigenes were identified, including 11,684 differentially expressed genes (DEGs; 8,083 upregulated and 3,601 downregulated). Additionally, 44 gene ontology terms and 127 Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes pathways were significantly enriched among these DEGs. Genes related to glutathione metabolism, plant hormone signal transduction, peroxisome processes, sulfur metabolism, and flavonoid biosynthesis pathways were confirmed as relevant to the Cd response of <em>P. sericea</em>. The molecular biology-related data described here may be useful for the future breeding of transgenic <em>P. sericea </em>plants with increased resistance to heavy metal stresses.


Plant Hormone Signal Transduction Flavonoid Biosynthesis Pathways Plant Hormone Signal Transduction Pathways Sulfur Metabolism Hormone Signal Transduction Pathways Ground Cover Plant Sulfur Metabolism Sulfur Metabolism Pathways Gene Expression Changes 7-day Treatment

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