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Advances in construction and modeling of functional neural circuits in vitro

Publication Date Aug 9, 2022


Over the years, techniques have been developed to culture and assemble neurons, which brought us closer to creating neuronal circuits that functionally and structurally mimic parts of the brain. Starting with primary culture of neurons, preparations of neuronal culture have advanced substantially. Development of stem cell research and brain organoids has opened a new path for generating three-dimensional human neural circuits. Along with the progress in biology, engineering technologies advanced and paved the way for construction of neural circuit structures. In this article, we overview research progress and discuss perspective of in vitro neural circuits and their ability and potential to acquire functions. Construction of in vitro neural circuits with complex higher-order functions would be achieved by converging development in diverse major disciplines including neuroscience, stem cell biology, tissue engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.


Neural Circuits Primary Culture Of Neurons Brain Organoids Stem Cell Biology Progress In Biology Modeling Of Neural Circuits Stem Cell Tissue Engineering Development Of Organoids Electrical Engineering Tissue Engineering

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