We calibrate the integrated luminosity from the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) features at 6.2\micron, 7.7\micron\ and 11.3\micron\ in galaxies as a measure of the star-formation rate (SFR). These features are strong (containing as much as 5-10\% of the total infrared luminosity) and suffer minimal extinction. Our calibration uses \spitzer\ Infrared Spectrograph (IRS) measurements of 105 galaxies at $0 < z < 0.4$, infrared (IR) luminosities of $10^9 - 10^{12} \lsol$, combined with other well-calibrated SFR indicators. The PAH luminosity correlates linearly with the SFR as measured by the extinction-corrected \ha\ luminosity over the range of luminosities in our calibration sample. The scatter is 0.14 dex comparable to that between SFRs derived from the \paa\ and extinction-corrected \ha\ emission lines, implying the PAH features may be as accurate a SFR indicator as hydrogen recombination lines. The PAH SFR relation depends on gas-phase metallicity, for which we supply an empirical correction for galaxies with $0.2 < \mathrm{Z} \lsim 0.7$~\zsol. We present a case study in advance of the \textit{James Webb Space Telescope} (\jwst), which will be capable of measuring SFRs from PAHs in distant galaxies at the peak of the SFR density in the universe ($z\sim2$) with SFRs as low as $\sim$~10~\sfrunits. We use \spitzer/IRS observations of the PAH features and \paa\ emission plus \ha\ measurements in lensed star-forming galaxies at $1 < z < 3$ to demonstrate the ability of the PAHs to derive accurate SFRs. We also demonstrate that because the PAH features dominate the mid-IR fluxes, broad-band mid-IR photometric measurements from \jwst\ will trace both the SFR and provide a way to exclude galaxies dominated by an AGN.

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