Disease and Diagnosis | VOL. 11

A Literature Review on the Epidemiology, Virology, Clinical Characteristics, Prevention and Treatment of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

Publication Date Apr 1, 2022


The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a public health emergency of international concern for the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). This study aimed to review the findings of recent published literature to provide researchers with information regarding the current biggest global health threat of 2019-nCoV pandemic on the basis of previous coronaviruses. To do so, this study attempted to review the available online data on biological nature of 2019-nCoV compared to previous coronaviruses. Additionally, the epidemiology, susceptible population, transmission routes, clinical characteristics, and medications for 2019-nCoV were reviewed. In this article, after an introduction to the subject and characterization of coronavirus, we considered the experiences and lessons learned from previous outbreaks to review the epidemiology, clinical characteristics, prevention, and medications of 2019-nCov disease. There are three main routes for transmission of 2019-nCoV including close contact to infected cases, aerosol, and touch transmissions. This newfound virus can be transmitted from asymptomatic patients or from infected cases with symptoms ranging from a flu-like to severe respiratory syndrome. Currently, there are no 100% approved therapeutic drugs and vaccination for this disease. In conclusion, given that development of vaccine for 2019-nCoV requires close collaboration of vaccine manufacturers and biotechnology companies, which takes a long period for production of vaccine, implementation of prevention and con...

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Characterization Of Coronavirus
Previous Coronaviruses
Clinical Characteristics
Susceptible Population
Routes For Transmission
Online Data
World Health Organization
Asymptomatic Patients
Collaboration Of Manufacturers
Infected Cases

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