Cell tracking is critical for the modeling of plant cell growth patterns. A local graph matching algorithm is proposed to track cells by exploiting the tight spatial topology of cells. However, the local graph matching approach lacks robustness in the unregistered images because the feature descriptors are handcrafted. In this paper, we propose a Deep Local Patch Matching Network (DLPM-Net) to track cells robustly, by exploiting local patches' deep similarity information and cells' spatial-temporal contextual information. Furthermore, to reduce the time consumption during the matching process and enhance tracking accuracy, we take two steps to realize the tracking of non-division cells and the detection of cell divisions. In the first step, the DLPM-Net is employed to match the non-division cells by exploiting the cell pair candidates' local patch contextual information, then the non-matched cells are recorded as the cell division candidates. In the second step, the DLPM-Net is used to detect cell divisions from these non-matched cells, by exploiting the local patch contextual similarity between the mother cell's local patch and daughter cells' local patch. Compared with the existing local graph matching method, the experimental results show that the proposed method gains 29.1% improvement in the tracking accuracy.

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