A Conceptual Action Plan for Reducing Environmental Pollution Through Sustainable Clothing Purchase Intention and Behavior

Publication Date Jun 17, 2022


Environmental pollution caused by apparel production and consumption is rapidly capturing public attention and has formed positive intentions towards sustainable apparel purchasing; however, this increase in interest and positive intentions has not resulted in the increase of actual purchase behaviors towards sustainable apparel. The purpose of this review is to identify and explain all of the major drivers and barriers of sustainable apparel consumption. This study systematically reviewed 33 empirical studies on sustainable apparel purchase intention and behavior from 2016 to 2020. The review found and described a variety of prevalent motivations, facilitators, and barriers influencing purchasing decisions about sustainable clothing and suggesting potential reasons for documented inconsistencies in purchase behavior. All these factors are grouped and discussed in two categories that are product-related attributes and individual-related attributes.


Purchase Behavior Sustainable Apparel Product-related Attributes Apparel Consumption Apparel Production Sustainable Behavior Sustainable Clothing Positive Intentions Clothing Purchase Behavior Apparel Purchase Behavior

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