PDF HTML阅读 XML下载 导出引用 引用提醒 红河流域“通道-阻隔”作用下2000-2014年植被EVI变化趋势与驱动力 DOI: 10.5846/stxb201703210483 作者: 作者单位: 成都理工大学地球科学学院,成都理工大学管理科学学院,成都理工大学地球科学学院;成都理工大学管理科学学院;中国科学院水利部成都山地灾害与环境研究所;中国科学院水利部成都山地灾害与环境研究所,成都理工大学环境与土木工程学院;成都理工大学生态资源与景观研究所,成都理工大学地球科学学院,成都理工大学地球科学学院,成都理工大学地球科学学院 作者简介: 通讯作者: 中图分类号: 基金项目: 国家科技支撑项目(2012BAC19B05);国家自然科学青年基金项目(41501060);中国地质调查局项目(DD20160015-26) The EVI trends and driving factors in Red River Basin affected by the “corridor-barrier” function during 2000-2014 Author: Affiliation: Chengdu University of Technology,Chengdu University of Technology,,,,, Fund Project: 摘要 | 图/表 | 访问统计 | 参考文献 | 相似文献 | 引证文献 | 资源附件 | 文章评论 摘要:红河流域地表生态、水热分布格局等受到"通道-阻隔"作用的显著影响,以MODIS EVI数据作为植被定量研究指标,结合全国1:100万植被类型图、红河流域内部以及周边气象数据和研究区的DEM数据,利用趋势分析和相关性分析法,探讨在"通道-阻隔"作用的影响下流域内2000-2014年植被EVI时空变化趋势及其驱动力,重点研究了植被EVI变化对气候因子的响应规律。结果表明:(1)2000-2014年间,红河流域生长季植被EVI整体上以-0.15%/a的年际变化率呈波动减少趋势,空间异质性明显。EVI呈减少趋势区域主要集中在绿春县中部和金平县西南部;EVI呈增加趋势区域集中分布在墨江县、文山县,麻栗坡中部、广南-富宁南部区域、红河-元江一带以及藤条江西南部地区。(2)通过对生长季EVI指数与四个不同时间序列的月平均气温和月累积降水量的相关分析可知,生长季EVI指数与同期气温相关性较好;与降水量呈现明显的滞后性,滞后时间约为1个月。(3)相关分析表明,整体上红河流域生长季植被EVI与气温呈负相关关系,与降水呈正相关关系。在0.05显著性检验水平下,红河流域生长季植被EVI变化受气候影响的区域占3.11%,气温以负向驱动型为主,面积约占1.26%,降水以正向驱动型为主,面积约占0.46%,气温降水联合驱动以弱驱动为主,面积约占1.39%;大部分地区表现为受非气候因子驱动。 Abstract:Surface ecology and hydrothermal distribution are significantly affected by the "corridor-barrier" function in the Red River Basin. This study investigated spatiotemporal trends in the enhanced vegetation index (EVI) and the driving force of its effect from 2000 to 2014 in the Red River Basin. Especially, the response of climatic factors based on the MODIS EVI, combined with the vegetation map, meteorological data, as well as topographic data, were investigated and a trend line and correlation analysis were used. The results showed that:(1) from 2000 to 2014, the Red River Basin EVI showed a declining fluctuating trend, with an annual change rate of -0.15%, with clear spatial heterogeneity. The decreasing area mainly occurred in central Lvchun County and southwest Jinping County, while the increasing area was concentrated in Mojiang County, Wenshan County, the midlands of Malipo, southern Guangnan-Funing County, Yuanjiang-Honghe County, and the southwest of the Tengtiao River. (2) The analysis between the EVI in the growing season and four different time series of climatic factors (monthly mean air temperature and monthly precipitation) showed that the EVI was positively correlated with contemporaneous air temperature. An evident delayed response of EVI to precipitation was observed, accounting for approximately 1 month. (3) Correlation analysis indicated that, in general, EVI was positively correlated with precipitation and negatively correlated with air temperature during the growing season. At the 0.05 level of significance, analysis of the effect of driving factors on EVI showed that about 3.11% of the study area was impacted by climatic driving factors, whereby 1.26%, 0.46% and 1.39% of the area was impacted by air temperature (negative driving effect), precipitation (mainly positive driving effect), and air temperature and precipitation combined, respectively. However, the EVI was affected by non-climatic driving factors in most areas. 参考文献 相似文献 引证文献

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