Sustainable Development | VOL. 03

郑州市大气环境状况及可持续发展对策<br>Atmospheric Environmental Conditions and Sustainable Development Countermeasures of Zhengzhou City

Publication Date Jan 1, 2013


根据2005~2011年郑州市经济发展主要指标和大气环境污染指标的统计数据,分析了郑州市人均GDP与二氧化硫、氮氧化物、可吸入颗粒物(PM10、PM2.5)及二氧化碳排放量的相关关系,并建立了经济发展与大气环境污染之间的模拟模型。结果表明:郑州市处于工业时期,随着人均GDP的增加,二氧化硫和二氧化碳的排放得到了一定程度的缓解,但是氮氧化物和可吸入颗粒物的排放从长期看还处于升高趋势。最后对郑州市经济与大气环境的可持续发展问题进行了探讨,提出了经济和环境健康协调发展的政策建议。 Based on the statistical data of economic increasement and atmospheric pollution indicators from 2005 to 2011 in Zhengzhou City, the interrelation between per capita GDP and the emissions of Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, inhalable particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5) and carbon dioxide is analyzed and the simulation model is also established. The result shows that Zhengzhou is still in the industrial period, with the increase of per capita GDP, the emissions of the sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide have been mitigated partly. But the emissions of nitrogen oxides and inhalable particulate matter are still in the increasing trend in the long term. At last, some suggestions for healthy and harmonious development between the economy and atmospheric environment are put forward in Zhengzhou City.


Emissions Of Sulfur Dioxide Inhalable Particulate Matter Zhengzhou City Capita GDP Atmospheric Pollution Indicators Emissions Of Nitrogen Oxides Carbon Dioxide Harmonious Development Atmospheric Environment Nitrogen Oxides

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