The article substantiates the relevance of the study, which consists in the immediate management impact on the culture of a person, aimed at reviving morality, forming immunity against vulgarity, cynicism, as well as reducing the risks of exposure to an unmanageable network environment. The mechanisms of managing the culture of human behavior are considered. The object of the study is the culture of human behaviour. The subject of the study is the mechanisms of social behaviour management. The purpose of the study is to characterize and scientifically substantiate the mechanisms of regulation of people’s social behaviour in order to organize a system of normative behaviour. The objectives of the research are to identify the ideas of scientists and public figures about the modern development of culture; to study cultural elements as components of cultural complexes that have a significant impact on the types of human activity; to determine the mechanisms and means of influencing the culture of human behaviour, as well as representatives of large and small groups. The methods of argumentation are references to scientific sources, appeals to the opinions of scientists, public figures in the field of the problem under consideration. Research methodology: in the course of the study, two dominant positions of scientists have been established. One is reduced to the evolutionary development of the culture of human behaviour; the other translates a dialectical approach to the problem. In the study also a genetic approach has been used. Research methods are analysis, synthesis, generalization, comparative analysis. In the course of the study, it has been revealed that scientists distinguish the sphere of purposeful activity of people, one of the manifestations of which is culture. The latter examines various aspects of people’s social behaviour and their activities. A culture that demonstrates standards of good behaviour is normative. With the help of social norms in society, the behaviour of its members is regulated. New living conditions bring cultural norms into line, and they become everyday culture. Being an organized system of behaviour, the culture forms an idea of specific cultural images. However, often the culture develops inconsistently and does not always correspond to the tasks of progress. The article presents the opinions of prominent scientists, artists, and public figures who speak about the decline of modern Russian culture, which affects human behaviour, and the need for immediate correction of the current situation. Therefore, issues of management, i. e. directed influence on representatives of various social groups, are of great importance. Managing the culture of human behavior allows you to give it a holistic foundation. The technologies of creating «destruction in the minds» used by the mass media, as well as the means of bringing them to consumers: television, social networks, mobile social services, film production, are studied The materials of the article can be used to develop management decisions in the field of forming a culture of social behavior of a person

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