The purpose of this study was to investigate kinematic characteristics and movement variability of hairpin movement in badminton in order to provide useful information for improving skills of recreational players. In order to set up the baseline information of hairpin stroke, six female players (age: 20.5±1.38 years, height: 1.66 ±0.33m, body mass: 60.7±5.96kg) who were national team players, participated in this study. Each subjects were asked to perform 10 trials of successful hairpin motion. Eight infrared cameras (Qualisys, Sweden) were used to capture the motion with a sampling frequency of 200Hz. The raw coordinates data were achieved and processed by using the Qualisys Track Manager(Qualisys Ins) and MatlabR2009a program, respectively. Three events(E1: Left foot landing, E2: Right foot landing E3: Impact ) during a lunge step were determined for the further analysis. The kinematic factors including the anterior tilt angle of racket shaft, medial-lateral tilt of racket head, the velocity of racket head at an impact of a shuttle cock and racket and shuttle cock`s orbit between impact and apex of ball were analyzed. Also, flexion and extension angle of the players were calculated during the movement. Based on the results, we suggested basic information of kinematic characteristics of a racket shaft and head during hairpin movement. In addition, the analysis of movement variability indicates that controlling an anterior velocity of the racket and rotation of the racket head are important factor in order to perform successful trials. From the analysis of lower and upper body`s movement, it suggests that focusing on the flexion and extension of ankle and wrist joints are more effective to improve hairpin skills during the practice. Based on the findings, information will be appliable to improve the skills of recreational players by the coaches in the future.

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