The article considers the concept of the brand concept, its role and significance in the formation of business strategy of the enterprise. It is noted that the presence of a strong brand is a significant management resource that the company uses in shaping the strategy. The purpose of the article is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the brand concept and find out its role in shaping business strategy. The goal is achieved by solving the following tasks: clarifying the essence of the brand concept, its goals and principles of interaction with business strategy; identification of features of corporate branding and its characteristics; formulation of components of the concept of branding and its role in the formation of business strategy; highlighting the concepts of branding strategy. The methods used in the proposed study are as follows: abstraction (used in the analysis of branding by imaginary distraction from its insignificant properties, relationships, relationships and in fixing the relationships that are the subject of the study); directly analysis and synthesis (in the study of the impact of branding on the process of forming a business strategy, it was decomposed into certain components, forming a method of analysis and in forming conclusions, these results were combined into a common full-fledged brand concept, ie there was a combination of knowledge analysis into a single system); induction (when certain relationships were studied in the formation of branding, the conclusion can be applied to all sectors of the economy). The result of the study confirmed the fact that corporate branding is a powerful tool for matching the company’s resources in order to develop strategic competitive advantages. Corporate branding has two main benefits for the organization: 1) the organization focuses on coordinating the structures, processes and activities of the organization, 2) it develops a brand platform or promises that cover all stakeholders of the organization. The scientific hypothesis about the role of the brand concept in the formation of business strategy during a comprehensive analysis was confirmed.

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