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Земна цивілізація у XXI столітті: проблеми світового і національного розвитку

Publication Date Jan 14, 2018


An actual environmental, economic, political and social development problems, with which the Earth civilization is faced in the twenty first century, are considered. The most dangerous problems are global warming, caused by emission of greenhouse gases, environment pollution by waste of the production and the consumption, depletion of energy resources (oil, gas, coal, etc.), weakening stability of the ecological systems and dynamic biodiversity decreasing. The Earth community is faced the following global environmental challenges of human origin, that didn’t exist in the past. Also some scientists, who kept silent and smoothed over acuity of modern environmental problems, are played the destructive role in such situation. The noisy promotion of globalist non-constructive ideas to overcome the global environmental crisis, which in many cases were too detached from real queries of political and economic practices are turned no less harmful. The media and modern economic science are continuing to impose consumer mentality of the population. Modern economic systems don’t encourage effective products consumption. High-tech products often cause undue quickly become waste consumption, as characterized by short life cycle. The global economy remains highly militaristic (works on making tools of the warfare). In the twenty first century Ukraine us going to face with the same problems that are inherent to earth civilization in general. The main problem is to leave the complex of political, environmental, economic and social situatio...


Depletion Of Energy Resources Modern Economic Science Modern Economic Systems Century Ukraine Earth Community Short Life Cycle Emission Of Greenhouse Gases Waste Consumption High-tech Products Economic Practices

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