Problems of AgriMarket | VOL. 4


Publication Date Dec 15, 2020


The materials are related to the research of issues of public support for the development of small forms of business (SFB) in Kazakhstan. The most important link in agro-industrial complex is agriculture, which provides the country with food products and industry with raw materials. The article examines the domestic and international experience of public support of commodity producers, which makes it possible to draw a conclusion about the need to improve government regulation measures, taking into account regional characteristics, and implementation of State and sectoral programs. The authors note that the availability of budget funds has a significant impact on the effective activity of small businesses. The analysis showed the limited possibilities of attracting loans and other financial sources by small businesses. The solution to these problems should be carried out on the basis of the purchase of a guaranteed volume of manufactured products, provision of loans at the expense of budgetary allocations, concessional lending and taxation, subsidies. The necessary measures of government assistance for the development of the industry as a whole have been determined, in particular, animal husbandry, intensive gardening, and sugar beet processing. Based on the results of the developments, it was concluded that with financial and property support of agricultural producers, including small categories of agribusiness, the tasks set for agricultural sector - increase in market share of domestic products, decrease in import depende...

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Increase In Market Share
Account Regional Characteristics
Sugar Beet Processing
Concessional Lending
Provision Of Loans
Intensive Gardening
Agro-industrial Complex
Sectoral Programs
Social Stability
Animal Husbandry

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