Technology audit and production reserves | VOL. 3

Інформаційна підтримка механізму управління сталим розвитком підприємства

Publication Date May 28, 2015


The components of information support for sustainable enterprise management development mechanism are defined: the receipt and transmission of information, information assessment, information infrastructure. Due to this, it is prepared the basis for the development of a formalized model of information support for sustainable enterprise management development mechanism. Information receiving and transmitting gives the opportunity for an enterprise to obtain, from the internal distribution, the information of added value, faster access to information and common standards of information exchange. Information infrastructure synchronizes business goals and the growing information needs of the enterprise to optimize the parameters of the IT infrastructure in order to prevent structural and managerial crises. Evaluation of information is a mechanism that maintains information support up-to-date. The information flows are described which embodied the preparation, implementation and managerial control of sustainable development, and  the latter information support system structure is given. This prepared the basis for developing the practical recommendations for the implementation of the developed management mechanism for sustainable enterprise  in the enterprise information systems. It is given a detailed functional structure of control, regulatory and institutional components of information support for sustainable development, covering information support of the developed methods of sustainability management mechanism and the corre...

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Sustainable Development
Information Support
Sustainable Management
Support For Mechanism
Enterprise Information Systems
Information Flows
Transmission Of Information
IT Infrastructure
Implementation Of Sustainable Development
Information Infrastructure

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