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Встановлення виду інгібіювання біохімічного процесу поглинання вуглекислого газу

Publication Date May 31, 2018


According to the Australian National University, people provoke climate changes 170 times faster than the natural factors. The scientists increasingly argue that the waste of modern industries pose a serious threat to civilization. The wastes generated as a result of technological processes come into environment and need more rigorous recycling processes. So on the way to a progressive society is the issue of regulation the amount of pollutants in the environment. The advanced technologies are those that combine three elements – physical, chemical and biological. The technology built on this principle provides the final product with minimal production costs and minimal emissions to the environment. The example of such technologies is biotechnology with the use of photosynthesis. The main condition for photosynthesis is the presence of carbon dioxide molecules, the product of combustion solid, and liquid or gaseous fuels. Microalgae, unlike terrestrial plants, absorb 7–10 times more carbon dioxide at the same period of time and have the ability to adapt in adverse conditions. Such properties of microalgae are an objective condition for the purification of industrial gas emissions from carbon dioxide by photosynthesis. The products of the fuel combustion always contain other oxides, particularly sulphur dioxide because of the presence of sulphur compounds in its natural deposits. Therefore, there is a need to study the process of purification the industrial gas emissions with participation of chlorophyllsynthesizing microalgae...


Process Of Carbon Dioxide Absorption Influence Of Sulphur Dioxide Properties Of Microalgae Industrial Gas Emissions Minimal Production Costs Presence Of SO2 Process Of Photosynthesis Carbon Dioxide Natural Deposits Industrial Emissions

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