Visnyk Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Pedagogy


Publication Date Jan 1, 2020


The article considers current ideas for ensuring the quality of education in higher education institutions of Ukraine. Emphasis is placed on its essential characteristics: dynamism, internationality, student-centeredness and the importance for the modern teacher of regular professional development, internships in European and world higher education institutions to master innovative technologies and methods of teaching students. The importance of mutual coordination of curricula in domestic and foreign free economic zones in order to ensure the academic mobility of students has been explained. It is noted about the expansion of access to education in free economic zones not only for citizens of Ukraine, but also for representatives of other countries, their equality in terms of admission. The essence of the concepts "quality of educational activity", "quality of higher education", "academic community", "university community", "anti-corruption program" and the importance of research aspect of free economic activity, the importance of forming students' critical thinking skills are substantiated. The importance of interaction between teachers and students in the learning process, conducting interactive discussions, Internet forums, e-mail correspondence, contact in "chats", the use of tools for the development of soft skills (training on issues related to teamwork, time management, leadership, personal development, presentations, etc.). Attention is focused on the introduction of innovations in the educational process, taking in...

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Quality Of Educational Activities
Free Economic Zones
Quality Of Education
Anti-corruption Program
Higher Education Institutions Of Ukraine
Academic Mobility Of Students
Development Of Soft Skills
Quality Of Teachers
Quality Of Higher Education
Introduction Of Innovations

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